5 Must Have Tools In An Electrician’s Kit

Then we look at the essential electrical maintenance tools for the modern electric tool belt. While you can measure voltage with a multimeter, a voltage tester is another useful tool for keeping working close by. Tension testers work by inserting metal probes into an outlet to test the voltage. Electrician Denver The probes are generally wrapped in plastic or rubber for safety and are often referred to as contactless stress testers. Using a voltage tester is a quick and easy way to control the voltage in one output and saves you time when you don’t need the most advanced functions of the multimeter.

The cable glands resemble wire cutters, but have a central notch, making it easy to cut and remove different wire insulation meters without cutting the cable. Wire peelers make the strip insulation of the cable faster and cut the cable faster. But whether you are an electrician or Master Electrician, Small wire separators are a fantastic tool to add to your list of electrician tools.

The more tools and parts are added, the heavier the belt will be and the more the work it will be to use it all day. Many electricians wear a tool belt with only one pair of subbags, although three are four bags that can be useful in preventing parts from being mixed. Multiple hand tool bags are required, with loops both indoors and outdoors for pliers.

An electrician’s apron is where you can store all your staples, wire nuts, grounding screws, etc. Nothing is worse than climbing a 20 ‘extension ladder to realize that you have forgotten the wire nuts. With a fully filled apron and tool belt, you never have to worry about this happening to you. A good quality wire peeler will work clean every time and is designed with a cutting section and cutting teeth of different sizes for cables or cables of different sizes. Superior models include ergonomic design handles that require less hand and curved cutting blades to ensure cleaner and more precise cuts. We offer many high quality cable glands from which you can choose $ 10.

The ability to remove cable # 8 and # 6 is an advantage, if available. Ideal or Small strippers are recommended; Ideal is usually slightly cheaper, although Small is more comfortable to use.

They also provide a practical way to quickly remove insulation for shrinkage and similar operations. While not really pliers, a pair of cable glands is a necessary element in the electrician tool belt. Peelable are available for Romex cable, but much more often are single spacers for # 10 and smaller fixed cable.