Background Checks For Employment

Upon receipt of an official communication from the agency checking the data, the FBI will make the appropriate changes and notify you of the result. If you have sent a challenge request electronically directly to the FBI, you will receive an electronic response and an option to receive a first-class mail response through the US Postal Service. If the fingerprint entries are related to an arrest, the summary of the ID shall include the name of the body that sent the fingerprints to the FBI, the date of the arrest, the arrest and the warrant, if known. All arrest information contained in a summary of the identity history has been obtained from the submission of fingerprints, decision reports and other information submitted by authorized criminal authorities. A criminal background check may be required for a variety of reasons and may be required from time to time.

Data sources are subject to availability and restrictions on applicable reports. This search is for data on restrictions, sanctions and exclusions maintained by the United States and international organizations of legal and regulatory applications and public sources. The search includes sources of information from more than 1,700 observation lists and sanctions with more than 4 million records, as well as politically exposed people. If you have requested verification from the vulnerable sector, the Halifax regional police will send you the results directly by email and you can share them with the organization requesting the verification. Visit the nearest office of the Commissioner for physical identity verification.

Fingerprint verifications can only be performed if there is a legal or regulatory requirement to perform such verification. Your fingerprints are verified in a central registry database and it takes extra time to process them. Did you know that organizations can request self-declaration of criminal convictions?? This can be used as a temporary measure until the background check can be completed. Background checks are just one of the tools available to evaluate potential employees or volunteers, plus interviews, referral checks, accreditations, permits and certifications, and in some cases more extensive checks. If you need employees or volunteers to complete a police record check, please note that there may be a delay in completing the record check if a personal visit is required.

Choose the type of verification you need, whether it be a criminal background check or a vulnerable sector check. You must provide personal information and answer questions related to your credit history to verify your identity. Current processing time for electronically transmitted identity history Summary requests are estimated at three to five business days after receipt of the fingerprint card.

These checks only record search records in the central PSP repository. Additional documents may exist from other criminal authorities. We will only start processing your application after you have validated your identity at a British post office. Whether you’re looking for employers’ background checks or more accurate people search for free criminal background checks, you can make safer, faster and more accurate recruitment decisions using our robust solutions. GLOBEX searches worldwide for millions of records from foreign governments, courts, law enforcement officers, law enforcement agencies and other sources of public and property data worldwide.