Colloidal Silver Increases Immunity Or General Health??

Personally and scientifically, there are countless red flags surrounding the legitimacy of colloidal silver and its use in every product, and rightly so, very few conclusive studies have been conducted on this substance. Colloidal silver is a suspension of small silver particles in a liquid. Silver compounds are used externally to stop or prevent infections, but recently many people have started using colloidal silver as an alternative medicine.

Foreword to any additional discussion, Silver is not an essential mineral for humans and has no known purpose in the body, so scientists and health professionals claim that silver products do not meet manufacturers’ claims of their impact on physical well-being. In addition, the FDA warned more than 20 years ago that colloidal silver is in no way safe or effective in treating a known state of health or disease. Since then, research has been conducted for 20 years and no further progress has been made in this area, in fact, the FDA has closed several lines of company products making false or misleading claims about silver products. Some people believe that colloidal silver is antiviral and an alternative to antibiotics. According to the FDA, we should not make such a claim, as supplements are not considered medicines in the United States . If you are taking medicines, ask your doctor if you can use colloidal silver as a supplement.

It is coated colloidal silver that combines antimicrobial effectiveness and safety. In addition, silver nanoparticles stimulate the immune system that the infection faces and have a rejuvenating effect on the blood. And it also has a healthy impact on the course of physiological processes in the body. Long-term use of colloidal silver showed no side effects on beneficial gut microflora.

But you should not accept these bizarre health claims without a healthy dose of skepticism. There is no scientific evidence to support the theory that colloidal silver products are a safe and effective treatment for these conditions. Localized argyria can occur as a result of current use of creams and solutions containing silver, while ingestion, inhalation or injection can cause widespread argyria. These laser treatments are painful and general anesthesia is required. A similar laser treatment has been used to remove silver particles from the eye, a condition related to argyria called argyrosis. The Service for the Registration of Toxic Substances and Diseases describes argyria as a “cosmetic problem”.

Many cases of argyria occurred during the pre-antibiotic era when silver was a common ingredient in nasal drops. When the cause became apparent, doctors stopped recommending its use and accredited manufacturers stopped producing it. Official drug guides have not reported colloidal silver products since 1975. These catheters are associated with higher costs than other catheters. A 2014 multicentre cohort study found that the use of a silver alloy hydrogel urinary catheter reduced symptomatic cases of catheter-associated urinary tract infection as defined by the NHSN and clinical criteria. A critical analysis of eight 2011 studies found a consistent pattern that supported the use of silver-bright urinary catheters on uncoated catheters to reduce infections in adult patients, and concluded that the use of silver alloy catheters would significantly improve patient care.

He says that silver is a very effective germ killer that can prevent and treat all kinds of infectious diseases. “There are no bacteria or viruses that can withstand silver in its active form,” he says. Despite increasing research suggesting that the colloidal can cause various health problems, many people still swear by colloidal silver products as a remedy for various conditions. While the alleged benefits of colloidal silver are not well documented in scientific research, you can find many blog posts and colloidal silver reviews from users who have found this material as a kind of miracle cure.

Two systemic assessments in 2004 found that the use of silver alloy catheters reduced asymptomatic and symptomatic bacteriuria more than standard catheters, for patients who were made catheteric for a short time. Natural supplements and holistic remedies that offer proven health benefits are great in my home. This sometimes controversial supplement was used before antibiotics existed for bacterial infections and to support the immune system.

Meanwhile, silver nanoparticles are destructive to various pathogens, but not to human cells . Despite the FDA’s decision, colloidal silver products are still available as dietary supplements. There are even colloidal silver generators that you can buy that spread silver particles in water.

The studies are independent, published, peer-reviewed, FDA-approved human ingestion studies completed by a major university. Studies show that ABL nano silver has no negative effect on human body systems when taken daily. The second study shows that the silver ingested had no negative effect on taking the necessary medicines. The third study found that ABL nano silver reached the bloodstream and had no negative effect on red blood cells. American Biotech Labs has also peer-reviewed published studies on human intake of HIV, a virus, studies on human intake of malaria, parasites.

They also have independent tests for the effect of nano plates on probiotics, thousands of antimicrobial tests on bacteria, yeasts, fungi and other viruses. If you want one of the independent data, just request it from the company. The size of colloidal silver particle Colloidal Silver generator is the most important thing that determines whether they have health benefits or not, with smaller particles and lower concentrations more effective against harmful antibiotic resistant bacteria. But Bell feels safe talking about colloidal silver products in general.