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Remember this specific age because they grow very fast … Whether you’re on Maui for a special vacation or living here full-time, here’s a list of photographers who are sure to be worthy of the wall of your family portrait. The soft blues and aquamarine shadows are an easy choice for your family’s beach portrait session. These colors work wonderfully with the colors of the ocean and sand. This is a more casual outfit collection: Dad wears a classic and simple Aloha shirt and the two kids wear shorts with relaxed cuffs for a modern, beach-like style. By putting mom in a short, fun summer dress, she stays on the way with the relaxed look of the rest of the family.

White only works well if you have tanned or tinted skin, and it rarely looks good when it is pale unless combined with colorful accessories such as slate, flower bouquets, ribbons, etc. Think, on the Maui Hawaii Maternity photographer other hand, white with tanned skin, dark colors with pale skin. Try to stay away from stripes, logos or fashionable clothes… You want images that are timeless and still look good in 10 to 20 years.

Joanna has developed a non-intrusive approach to document a wedding, aimed at capturing the many sincere moments of love and affection. Born in Maui, Joanna Tano has a deep understanding of both photography and the island and uses them to take impressive photos. Knowing how Maui light changes with seasons, weather and time of day is essential for excellent outdoor photography. But it is Joanna’s sensitivity to the high emotions of the bride and groom and others that allows her to capture the many important moments that arise during the wedding. In the past 14 years, Joanna Tano has had the honor of documenting hundreds of destination weddings and capturing thousands of important moments of love and joy. He has worked with many other places in weddings at the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, Sugar Beach Events, The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa in Kaanapali.

Feel free to share social media images with your friends and family. Let the children be themselves It is very common for parents to tell their children to smile and behave in the best way. While this may be good, our goal is to take natural photos. The best way to take natural photos is to let the kids have fun and have fun. When children have a good time, their personality comes out.

His photos don’t feel forced, but they give you a playful, free, weightless feeling. Seanna will give you memories of your precious time with your family so that you can visit those moments again for the rest of your life. With a documentary focus, Melia Lucida captures the purest moments of her special day by providing timeless and organic images. After filming hundreds of weddings from many cultures, she and her partner Jules are discreet and assimilate the natural interaction of their loved ones as emotional moments take place.

Tell your test subjects to narrow down patterns and logos as this can help with distractions. Lighting is important Lighting can take or undo any family photo. At Pacific Dream Photography, we reserve our sessions in photo shoots at sunrise or sunset to ensure the best lighting. It is important to ensure that there is not too little or too much light on the faces of your subject. You can have the perfect family or a great background, but without the right lighting you can still keep a boring photo.

Use these tips on your next photo shoot and your customers will receive a gift! For even more tips, see our previous blog post on how to pose here. Scott and Teruko are the photographers of Hughes Photographics.