The 8 Best Places To Visit On Anna Maria Island

It reminds me a lot of Sanibel Island, also on the west coast of Florida, but a little further south . We escaped to Sanibel many years ago, so it’s special to me, and the photos and stories brought back such beautiful memories. vacation rentals anna maria island florida I am partly in front of Bradenton Beach and Cortez Beach, located between Cortez Rd and Coquina Beach. While there are no amenities, these beaches are ideally located near some of the best bars and restaurants on the island.

In addition to enough space for sunbathing and swimming, the beach has many other amenities. There are dressing huts, a beach cafe, outdoor play area and even a gift shop. There are toilets, showers, picnic tables, pavilions and even grills.

They also contain other foods, such as locally grown seasonal vegetables and a variety of herbs to use with the herbs. The Donut Experiment offers tailor-made donuts where you choose the ingredients. There are some special donuts that are made for you or that have become really creative and contain a unique combination of flavors. A favorite combination of mine is maple bacon, the perfect blend of salt and sweet!

While there, I witnessed a fish bank running over the surface over and over. A few days before my visit, a resident with an unmanned aerial vehicle saw dozens of Cownose Rays gathering at the dock. There are many outdoor attractions on Anna Maria Island: from wildlife tours to swimming, boating, dolphin boat tours, nature reserves, quiet kayaking, land fishing or charters, and much more.

If you go along that route, you don’t have to bring your own kayak or rent one, because it is included in the tour price. Some of the tours even contain areas where you are most likely to see wildlife such as manatees and sometimes even dolphins. What makes Coquina Beach so popular are the extra amenities there.