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The miles-wide valley dissects the Kohala Mountains and is difficult to reach due to cliffs on three land sides and strong waves on the other side that make it just as inaccessible from the sea. While there is a steep and twisted road to the valley, most car rental companies do not allow their vehicles to be brought here, so many visitors choose to walk. You can see the “Valley of the Kings” from the coastal view of the Waipio Valley at the end of the Hamakua Heritage Corridor unit.

And you can also find it differently by choosing the best places to go to Hawaii when you realize how much to see and do. That’s where this guide can help, because it will help you find the attractions worth checking out and the attractions that aren’t. Hawaii actually consists of eight main islands, but there are three that are generally of interest to tourists. This area is truly a tropical paradise and there are some fantastic places to visit in Hawaii if you love the natural world. The only way to get between the different islands is to fly, so most people rely on Oahu.

To this day, native Hawaiians worship it as a culturally important space important to Hawaiian identity. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience in Hawaii, your friends who have traveled here are unlikely to have taken a ghost tour. Hawaii is known for its various legends and superstitions, so you will also rely on that aspect of island culture. Oahu’s ghost tours promise a unique adult experience, transporting participants to explore Oahu’s most spooky places.

If you don’t want to get into the water, you can take a glass bottom boat trip to see the glow of the underwater world. Some make their photos simple from the panoramic viewpoint, one of the most iconic views of Big Island. Others walk to the bottom of the valley with a local guide to walk along a black sandy beach and watch distant waterfalls as they listen to the stories and legends of the surrounding region. The calm water is also great for kayaking, and if you feel energized you can paddle to the coastal islands to explore bays and secret entrances that are rarely visited. You will find this beach jewel just 30 minutes from Honolulu on the Oahu coast.

The white sand, the blue water and the occasional palm shade make this an impressive place to explore. From this tropical environment you can even see the Mokuluas, two coastal islands called Moku Nia and Moku Iki. A complete trip to Hawaii includes at least two islands, and preferably more. Hiking on the exclusive Kilauea Iki path in Volcano National Park on the island of Hawaii is the highlight of any trip to Hawaii. The path gives you a unique opportunity to walk through what was once a sea of molten lava and explore the even slower heart of the volcano, which last broke out in 1959.

With different sides to explore on this island, you will be busy during your vacation. With breathtaking views of the Mokulua Islands, crystal clear water and incredibly white sand, this side offers a wide range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Rent a kayak and explore the twin islands off the coast of LaniKai Beach or head to Kailua City for shopping and authentic restaurants.

Located just in front of Captain Cook’s city, you can learn about locally grown coffee and try luscious Hawaiian fruits such as guavas, passion fruit and Kona oranges. Caregivers still grow, harvest, roast and sell coffee like they did a century ago. The farm also includes a 1913 farm surrounded by cafes, as well as a Japanese bathhouse. family photographers Maui hawaii A visit to Haleakala National Park and Haleakala Crater while on Maui is a must. At over 10,000 feet above sea level, you can experience some of the most dramatic sunrises and sunsets on all islands here. During the two-hour journey to the top, you will pass as many ecological zones as during a trip from Mexico to Canada.

Waimea Canyon Drive takes visitors to a lower vantage point, as well as the main Waimea Canyon Overlook, which has great views. There are so many phenomenal activities to do in the Hawaiian Islands, which is perhaps why people of all ages are attracted here. From resting on the black sandy beaches to touring the center of Honolulu and seeing the only palace in the United States, here are the best things to experience in the state of Aloha. On the north coast of Kauai, the coast of Napali is an amazing representation of cliffs rising from the ocean.

You can visit the bay by car, bus or transport and spend the day enjoying the pristine underwater wonderland, where you will be surrounded by colorful corals and millions of sea animals. There are several equipment suppliers where you can rent equipment and take snorkeling lessons. For great views over the bay, you can walk one of the many trails or take a short tram ride to the edge of the crater. Hanauma Bay is a volcanic cone nature reserve, offering visitors one of the most exclusive snorkeling and diving destinations in the Hawaiian archipelago. The bay was declared a protected nature conservation area in 1967 and supports a diverse collection of marine life, including green sea turtles. The Bishop Museum shows the Oahu culture, while you can admire the visual arts at the Hawaii State Museum of Art.

This is the area where many of the islands’ activities are held, where you will find shopping centers, river kayaks, restaurants, Kauai-style nightlife, hiking and more. Holidays that want a little bit of everything come on the east side, because here they find an inner city that is closer to all banks of Kauai. The beaches are long golden strips of sand that generally lie in front of the resorts, with gentle waves and sandy ocean floors. The mauka side of Lihue and Kapaa is lush and beautiful, full of waterfall walks and rivers that you can walk. Kayaks, SUP board rental, canoes and small boats allow you to paddle upstream in secret waterfalls and hiking trails.